Motorola MOTOTRBO Ion Smart Radio

Motorola MOTOTRBO Ion

Go All On

The MOTOTRBO™ Ion smart radio is the first business-ready communication device with all-on voice and broadband data capabilities. It brings together renowned PTT performance, an open app ecosystem on the Android platform, and access to Motorola Solutions’ unified technology ecosystem—from video security and analytics solutions, to best-in-class network security, to powerful new software and technology services like smart virtual assistants. With MOTOTRBO Ion, teams stay connected across networks and devices. Business-critical data and workflows are unified and simplified. And the capabilities your workforce needs to be at their best are always on.

Motorola MOTOTRBO Ion Features


  • Android platform
  • Open app ecosystem
  • Motorola Solutions’ unified technology ecosystem
  • Full multimedia capabilities
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface


  • Fast setup and updates
  • Seamless device management
  • Managed and supported services


  • Device security
  • Application security
  • Data security


  • Built for any environment
  • Industry-leading audio
  • Ultra-rugged touchscreen
  • Customizable experience
  • Long battery life
  • Redesigned antenna
  • Intrinsically safe


  • Dedicated PTT device
  • Seamless Voice Handover
  • Full network interoperability with
    • WAVE PTX
    • Long Term Evolution (LTE)
    • Wi-Fi
    • CBRS (Nitro™)
    • Bluetooth

Motorola MOTOTRBO Ion Accessories

Free Yourself To Work More Efficiently

No matter where you go or what you do, MOTOTRBO™ is made for clear, coordinated communication in the busy workplace. To help you excel in your job, you need accessories that match the performance of your MOTOTRBO radio – that truly fit your environment. That’s why it’s important to use Motorola tested and certified accessories with your Ion Smart radio. They’re the only ones designed, built and tested with your radio to optimize its performance.

Only Motorola accessories unleash the full power of MOTOTRBO – the most advanced digital radio platform in the industry. So as you walk from the production line, across hotel grounds, or to the store stockroom, you can work more easily and efficiently wearing a comfortable, convenient accessory. Combine our bestin-class radios with Ion accessories to achieve even greater productivity and cost-savings.

Together, you’ll rethink what’s an accessory – and what’s a necessity.

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