Motorola Solutions Safe Utilities

CBRS PRIVATE LTE NITRO (NITRO) PRIVATE DATA NETWORKS TO SHARE MULTIMEDIA AND DATA ACROSS YOUR FACILITIES ENTERPRISE-GRADE PRIVATE BROADBAND With several times the capacity and range of Wi-Fi, Nitro lets you do more with less, including cover outdoor area Wi- Fi can’t. Exclusive spectrum and robust access control help keep your network secure. FULL MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL Focus less on managing your network and more on leveraging its performance. Remove the hassles of network management while enabling full control of your operation via a cloud-based portal. *Based on 802.11a standard for 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi using similar channel bandwidths. FLEXIBLE CORE The Nitro core can be hosted as a CAPEX solution with the utility’s data center or as a managed service at a Motorola Solutions’ data center.