Motorola Solutions Safe Manufacturing

2.4 M Manufacturing jobs expected to go unfilled by 2028 due to skills gap. - Deloitte & Manufacturing Institute 66% / 5% Using video surveillance, but only 5% tying analytics to video for intelligence. - Motorola Solutions Manufacturing Survey Report 10-12% Gains in areas such as output, factory utilization and labor productivity after investing in smart factory initiatives. - Deloitte & Manufacturer’s Alliance for Productivity & Innovation (MAPI) $147 M Cost of serious, non fatal injuries per week in manufacturing. - Liberty Mutual 2018 Workplace Safety Index Manufacturers are required to follow a vast amount of workplace health, safety and regulatory requirements on a daily basis. Connected factories create new challenges to ensure uptime throughout the plant. Technologies across diverse areas and functions are often not integrated for efficiency and visibility. . Redefining new models for meeting goals through technology and the workforce is more important than ever. THE CURRENT ENVIRONMENT BY THE NUMBERS