Motorola Solutions Safe Airports

Create a streamlined and enjoyable experience for travelers to increase revenue for airport businesses. RELIABLE LOGISTICS EFFICIENT OPERATIONS SAFETY & SECURITY The promise to deliver efficiency, reliability and business continuity is only possible in an environment built on a foundation of safety. Ensure timely arrival and departure of travelers and cargo through the coordination of people and planes. Maintain safety across all secure zones through early detection and coordinated response. THE PROMISE OF A MODERN AIRPORT $40B D0/A14 $13,669 Spending in airports in 2017. On average, travelers will spend anywhere from $11 and $140 per airport visit. - Global Airport Retailing, Airports Council Intl. Flights are expected to depart the minute they are scheduled and arrive no later than 15 minutes past scheduled. - Department of Transportation The maximum fine that airports face per violation per day for failure to comply with TSA regulations. - Transportation Security Administration