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Whether you're needing faster data feeds for business, or personal internet solutions, National Orders can help. We offer simple USB Broadband Cards, routers, or embedded chipsets in laptops and other mobile computing devices.

Enterprise - Mobile Broadband - The ability to move large amounts of data over  an outdoor wireless network. Point-to-Point, Point to Multipoint with the very best in the industry Motorola and National Orders. should Enterprise and Point-to Point be separate bullet points? The Motorola 320 Wireless Broadband Access Network can expand your network's edge with a simple, low maintenance infrastructure that offers reliability and toughness while giving performance, scalability and ease-of-use at a low-cost.



Carrier - Mobile Broadband is fantastic! Simply put, it allows users to connect computing devices to wide area networks with 3G and 4G speed.  At home, work or on the go, we've got a solution that can fit your needs. The 4G speed is so fast you can watch multiple HD video feeds on your laptop, while other devices are sending emails, watching videos or browsing the internet like never before.


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