Global Positioning has many different applications. You can simply see where people, trucks or products are - plus you can do a whole lot more. Some of our clients are taking pictures with their phones and then tying delivery dates, times and GPS coordinates with invoicing and reordering records. Others use a tool in GPS called GEO Fencing to send emails of when people arrive and leave worksites and other specific locations. Payroll and expense management have also been major applications in this area.

There are many different GPS providers. National Orders works with the very best GPS providers in the business. We know how to match your specific needs to the right GPS provider. Call National Orders to see how your company can benefit from Global Positions Systems 877-702-2076



Making Mobile People More Productive

In an era of squeezed margins and shrinking workforces, companies are looking for ways to get more out of less every day. Xora's location-enabled mobile workforce management applications use the GPS capabilities of the phones worker’s carry with them, allowing companies to manage their mobile employees as easily, and with as much transparency, as they would any office employee.


Why do companies love it?

With no long-term contracts, no expensive equipment to buy and rapid continuous ROI, what’s not to love? Specifically, companies can provide better customer service by knowing the real-time location of their workers. They save money by receiving more accurate time and mileage records from their employees. Finally, they get more jobs completed every day by more effectively dispatching their team members.


Why do workers love it?

Turn-by-turn driving directions ensure that workers never get lost looking for a job. Their phones become virtual time clocks, allowing them to punch in and out without having to keep track of paperwork. They can be sure that they always get paid accurately for time worked, because all time card data is backed up by GPS records.




TimeTrack allows companies to maintain real-time visibility of workers or assets in the field. Using GPS-enabled mobile phones and a PC connected to the Internet, companies can see exactly where their mobile workers are and what they are doing.

  • View current and historical location using web-based maps
  • See where workers start and end shifts, breaks and jobs
  • Receive speeding or stop time alerts
  • Run accurate payroll and job reports


Etrace provides a simple way for service-driven companies to keep tabs on their mobile workforces. Installed on GPS-enabled mobile phones, it allows managers to track employees, automate billing and payroll, and dispatch workers quickly and efficiently.

  • View current and historical location using web-based maps
  • Record accurate time and mileage
  • Create custom reports and alerts that match your work flow
  • Integrate easily with your back-end systems


OnCare makes it simple for home healthcare organizations to supervise, assist, and communicate with their mobile caregivers. Secure and easy-to-use, it uses a friendly interface that's tailored to the specific needs of home care.

  • Safely and securely view visit records and collect patient data
  • Efficiently send schedule changes to caregivers
  • Track the time spent at each visit
  • See where caregiver are and whether they're on schedule


XRoutes provides true route optimization for service and delivery operations. XRoutes automatically determines the shortest and most efficient routes, which are then delivered to the field using mobile phones.

  • Optimize service and delivery routes
  • Provide accurate ETAs
  • Maximize dispatcher productivity
  • Deliver superior customer service




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